Capt. Bubba Bedre - Professional Guide
Fishing is a pastime for some people, a break from regular life. For me, it is my regular life. As your guide, I’ll help you disconnect from your everyday world, so you can immerse yourself in nature and reconnect with yourself.

Fisherman, Traveler, Outdoor Lover, Nature Appreciator
My name is Bubba Bedre and I am a Licensed fishing guide. I have loved fishing ever since I can remember, and have spent more of my life with a fishing pole in my hands sitting on the bank of the Trinity River studying gar. I have caught gar all over the state of Texas and have master or pioneered the art of gar fishing.  

My obsession with gar go back to when I was just a kid. I grew up along side the gar on my family ranch located on the Trinity River. I spent every day trying new ways to catch them. I never dreamed I would be taking people from all over the world to fish for them.


Want a different sort of adventure with your friends or family. A guided trip into the wilderness after alligator gar is an excellent way to bond with friends or have a memorable time with your family. We will spend the day chasing real living dinosaurs. Something you will talk about for years to come and don't worrie  I’ll adapt the trip program to your group’s individual needs, ages, etc. Lets take a step back in time.
Want to catch a big catfish? look no further we specialize in landing all kinds of big fish.
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